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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Morning After The Ice Hotel

(Pics to come)

Unbelievable is the only way to describe the Ice Hotel! The "ooh" and "aah" factor in every room was great. From the ice bar to the ice slide to the unbelievable ice artwork, design and architecture, the entire experience was wonderful.

We got awoken at 7:15am with a warm coffee and then frugala and I jumped into the hot tub to begin our day. We also rented a room in the chalet where we are showering before breakfast. We had a great four course dinner late last night so we aren't in a rush this morning (spring rolls, French onion soup, veal tenderloin and cheese cake for desert)

The final question will be about sleeping. We all had "mummy" sleeping bags so we were wrapped literally head to toe. I like it cold anyway and frugala had us dressed properly so I had a far better sleep than the night before. From the hot tub though, some people were wet and cold and unpreared and looked as if this was a once in a lifetime experience. For me, sleeping at -2C was just comfortable. Frugala adds that her nose was cold.

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