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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quick financial update

So just a summary from the last's a girl! My daughter Ava was born on March 15th, 2011 and that has been a wonderful blessing to our family. She has received her SIN number so we are heading to the bank on Friday to begin her RESP for schooling!

Financially, I took out a $5100 RRSP loan and ended up getting back over $3000 from the government, so all of that $3000 will go towards paying back loans (both the RRSP loan and my student loans). My priority for paying back loans will be
1) smallest student loan (done)
2) RRSP loan (I have about $3200 left)
3) last student loan (I have about $9800 left)
4) house mortgage (I have about $120,000 left)

We'll see if I do another RRSP loan for next year...chances are that I will. The net worth increase is tremendous and the regular payments aren't a strain on me financially.

As far as investing, once the TSX gets to 15000 I will take 20% of my Dividend holdings and turn them into bonds. After that, it will be once the TSX gets to 16500. All of my contributions are going into the Dividend Fund at this time.