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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Net Worth Update - May 22nd, 2010

It's been a long while since an update, but here it is!

Every time I get paid (every two weeks), I update my net worth. The idea behind this is that my goals are that my liabilities drop every two weeks, and by tracking them in this way, I am able to get a nice picture of where I stand financially. Its not a perfect balance sheet that I have (because of student loans I have a negative net worth), but the progress is what I am looking for.

- down $139.73 from April 24th
- up $7084.30 from May 22nd, 2010 (one year ago)

These assets include my house (I give it 1% appreciation each year in my appreciation), my RRSP and my TFSA. The stock market had a correction recently, which affects my assets

- better $287.30 from April 24th, 2010
- better $16,787.51 from May 22nd, 2010(one year ago)

These liabilities include my mortgage, student loans and a consolidation loan (mainly for my Masters Degree for teaching). I continue to make bill payments slowly decreasing my liabilities. I had to pay for my last two teachers college courses which affected this.

- better $147.57 from April 24th, 2010
- better $23,871.81 from May 22nd, 2010(one year ago!)

Things are starting to slow down for me, and without me doing summer school this year I will be unable to make a nice dent in my loans, although the sanity is more than worth it. I just have to remember that this is a long range plan rather than a short term plan.

The last thing I am going to track is the value of the TSX. I have some asset allocation goals that are dependent on the value of the TSX.

TSX Graph
Current Value: 11,521.35
Highest Value in Last 2 Years: 15073.13 June 18th, 2008

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