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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Too Tight?

As you have read recently, the improvement in my finances has been slowing recently. There are two options to improve this: either spend less, or earn more money. I had been earning more money for tutoring, and this kept me moving in the right direction. Additionally, one of my biggest loans was recently paid off so that will give me a little more breathing space, but yesterday evening was an example to myself that I am far too tight now.

I received my HST cheque for $100 from the Ontario Government last night (the next coming in December 2010). I was fairly excited, because despite the fact that a lot of things will be more expensive because of this, I had just received a cheque for $100. I talked to "frugala" and gave her about five scenarios on what I could do with this money. She finally looked at me and said "It's only $100". At that moment I knew that my financial picture was far too tight...

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