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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Renovations

As of now, for our home renovations, we have
- ripped out the carpet and kitchen (3 person days)
- bought laminate floor and underpad (approx. $1000)
- bought paint and accessories (approx. $200)
- painted one coat on the main floor (2.5 person days)

We will still have to put down the laminate floor, paint the kitchen cabinets, paint the rest of the kitchen and possibly put another layer on the main floor.

The plan is that when we look to sell, be it next summer or whenever, that the house has been improved so that it is ready to go. Even if we decide to stay for a few years, it would be much more livable. Financially, doing cosmetic house renovations always increases the value of your house when you go to sell.

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