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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Financial Update

It has been a while, so here is the most up to date information on what I have done (and what I plan to do) before the baby comes:

- frugala paid off a loan for me, so rather than charging her the equivalent of rent, she keeps her entire paycheque and I pay for all tbe mortgage and bills (minus half groceries, car stuff and dog stuff)
- I have received two raises since September: for the first one I increased my mortgage payment and increased my RRSP. For the second one I increased my RRSP and my TFSA (the TFSA increase will turn into the baby's university savings)
- I save $300 every two weeks now: $225 goes into my TFSA and $75 goes into my RRSP. From the $225, for every $1100 I accumulate, I take $1000 and pay something off (be it a loan, or a credit card, or a mortage or hopefully one day into the RRSP). The idea is to minimize the loans and to slowly build up an emergency fund (from the extra $100 that get put into there)
- I have started two part time jobs, where to money gets funnelled into my TFSA (for the purposes mentioned above). I work for Homework Help, where I get paid to tutor math in the evenings. I also tutor 3-4 students each week (it was supposed to be 4 but the last one has cancelled the last three weeks, so I am counting on three now). The idea of these extra jobs is to use the money for savings and/or paying things off, not for the regular expenses for week to week. This is important, because when second semester starts (February), we are getting close to baby time and my energy will (properly) go to my family rather than gaining extra cash. The plan is to have my credit cards at zero and another student loan paid off by the time the baby is born.
- When the TSX hit around 12500, I dumped half of my Canadian Index fund into a bond index, with all of my current contributions going into the Canadian Index fund. The TSX has continued to rise, but I have taken my profits from it. Long term I think this is going to work. I will only re-balance next when the TSX hits 13500.
- Finally I have been thinking about using the Smith Manoeuvre (this will be once my student loans get paid off). The idea is that you borrow for investment purposes, and then the loan is tax deductible, and with the tax benefits you put that towards your non-deductible loans. It makes a lot of sense as you gain equity in your house. The plan for me would be to pay minimal on your loans, and then increase the loan for the amount of equity that you have on your house. Theoretically, when you are done paying your mortgage, you can either pay off your Smith loan, or continue to keep it and keep the deductions and increase your investments with the extra money. There will be considerable more planning as we get closer, but it makes a lot of sense. There will be little change in the daily handling of my finances, but there will be a much larger tax deduction and more investments in the long haul.

Thanks for reading!
I have been updating our net worth on spreadsheets, and will update the post either later today or this week.

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