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Friday, September 25, 2009

Taxes Now or Later

I just received a letter from the government approving my request to have my taxes reduced at the source. My theory is that since taxes are earning no interest anyway, that if I take half of what my last year tax return was and reduce it from my taxes this year, then I will get the money back sooner.

An example to clarify: If I got back $2600 last year on my tax return (for ease of calculation), I would want to get back this year an extra $1300 over the year on my paycheque and still get $1300 back on my return.

The way I calculated this was to use my tax bracket (38%), and divide the $1300 by 0.38 to get $3421.05. I tell the government that I want to be taxed at a level$3421.05 lower than I am actually getting paid (over the year), giving me an extra $1300/26 = $50 per paycheque. In theory this is good, but my brother discussed two potential problems with this.

First is the timing. My claim is to be taxed at a level $1950 lower. What the government did is approved this, but asked the $1950 to be taken off my last six pays of the year. I anticipated this over the entire year (giving me an extra $28.50 per pay using the 38% above), instead of $123.50 that it will work out this way. Money is money I guess, but it is a nice luxury for the rest of the year.

Second is the wording. My brother thinks that instead of my taxable income dropping (which is what I want) that my taxes will drop $1950 for the rest of the year. Divide this by 6 and you get an extra $325 cash each paycheque and the likelyhood that I will have to pay into taxes in March. I still don't think this is the case, but the seeds of doubt have now been planted.

I will post two weeks from now (when my paycheque has been changed) and let you know how it worked out from me. If it works the way I think it will, I will do this every year, as a few extra bucks during each pay make the cash flow (and loan payments/etc.) nicer and I don't think I need that huge cheque from the tax office each spring.

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