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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Middle Class Getting Squeezed...and tuition

I was killing time this afternoon before I do my tutoring gig, so here are some good links from Yahoo Finance:

Squeezed - The middle class getting squeezed. A great article showing how us bloggers have it wrong: the problem isn't that the middle class are wasteful spenders with their lattes, it is that housing prices rising and spending power dropping over the past 25 years have finally hit us. An interesting article to say the least!

Who Should Pay For Your Child's Education - Another good article showing people how to save for their children's education. The consensus in the staff room today was that the parents should match what their children save. So if your kids save $5000 for tuition, you give them $5000 to help them out.

How To Teach Children The Value of Money - Another link showing the basics for families and children. It says (as usual) that finance should be taught in the school system, and although I am trying, it still isn't happening on a widespread basis. My finance unit is coming up before Christmas for my Grade 11 class so there will be more updates then for sure.

Happy reading!

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