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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Not Such An Accountant After All...

I forgot a piece of paperwork (my 2008 taxes to get my RRSP contribution limit and how much I need to re-pay for the home buyers plan) so I was unable to finish the calculations for my income tax, but the software worked extremely well (I was able to save what I was doing). Frugala and I worked together (her organizing the paperwork and me doing the computer part) and it took about half an hour for each of our taxes. It was a great system because we didn't need to flip between pages and all that. The software was Quick Tax software and I would recommend it, as you can make changes on the fly and there is no chance for calculation errors. Additionally, you can submit your taxes automatically electronically and allows you to save your tax forms as .PDFs or print them for future reference. I will finish my taxes up on Friday when I go with frugala to work, but it seems like I will still be getting significant money back, encouraging me to deduct less tax at the source again for the remainder of 2010.

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