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Monday, February 21, 2011


So this weekend I took out a loan from the bank for RRSPs. Generally I think it makes more sense to save ahead (which I do anyway), but I had some extra cash floating around (paycheque to paycheque) and some RRSP contribution room so I decided to take a loan. I ended up borrowing a little over $5100 (which turns into me paying back $200 per paycheque). The total cost of borrowing is about $70. Considering that I'll get at least 30% of that back through my income tax, it sounds like a pretty good investment to me! The interest rate they gave me as well is below prime, so it will be my lowest priority to pay off.

When I get my income tax back, I will split the return three ways: 1/3 going towards an RRSP re-contribution (for next year), 1/3 going towards my mortgage, and 1/3 going to a student loan. Once my student loan is paid off, then I will concentrate my energy towards the RRSP loan, and then finally to my bigger students loan. All in all, this will really help our next worth and things are moving in a perfect direction before the baby is born!


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  2. Hope you really checked everything and no hidden fees will be found out later. I have just got online loan till pay day 24/7 and seems to me it will cost me more than the one you've got. Wish you to get rid of all your debt obligations as soon as possible, and for sure before the baby is born.