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Monday, August 10, 2009

More Links about Education and Money

I am just going to post a few links (with a running commentary) for people who want more information about where money matters are taught in schools. Some say that they are, some say that they aren't. I teach Grade 11 math and that is my favourite unit. We generally discuss the mathematics side of compound interest and mortgages, but I always leave one lesson open to discuss financial matters (saving for university, how you will pay it back, budgets, loans, mutual funds, why not to go to a "Cash Mart", etc.). There are also high school electives in business and marketing, but I am not sure if they talk about saving and spending.

Learning How To Avoid The Debt Trap - a post from the Toronto star explaining how an MBA ended up with a high paying job and in his parents basement at 30 years old. They also talk about the importance of talking about compound interest (which is done in the mandatory Grade 11 math course).

Money Instructor - A link for all teachers showing how they can put financial ideas into their classrooms. These are for youngers students generally, but these sound financial ideas (save some money, spend less than you make, if you can't afford something you have to save before you can buy it) can be reinforced from a young age and hopefully will stick.

Young and Out of Work - A depressing article stating that for young people the unemployment rate is 21%. For a comparable read, check out "The Tipping Point", who discusses that unfortunately when you graduate school and how the economy is doing can greatly contribute to your success. They discuss in this article that you can ride out the recession while in school. As well, students think that because they have a University degree in whatever and a $20,000 student loan that they are entitled to a high paying job. Unfortunately, those days are over.

Tips To Teaching Money Management Skills - a nice post and suggestions on how to teach financial management to your children and students.

A Cartoon Buffett, Teaching Children About Money - Finally, Warren Buffet is creating a cartoon starring himself teaching children about money. I can't wait for the action figures!

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