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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two Good Links From The Toronto Star and more!

My girlfriend was reading the Toronto Star online and found these excellent articles that she thought that I'd love (and I do). Here they are:

Teenagers Lacking Education On The Financial Facts of Life - A good article discussing how there is no formal financial education in the Ontario curriculum. As a math teacher, I totally agree and would love to teach a course like this. As mentioned in previous posts, I try to do this as much as possible already, but a formal course on finance would be great! As the article says, there is a formal Grade 10 course in Careers and Civics, you could throw a financial course in there as well and it would be great!

Frugal or cheap - This article discusses when even frugal people put a limit on the quality of the things that they purchase. My favourite quotes are "The distinction between frugality and a tightwad is that, for a tightwad, it hurts to spend" (my girlfriend thinks this makes me a tightwad, but it only hurts me to write cheques) and that a spendthrift is "...unable to feel distress even when financial situations take a turn for the worse".

A third good link (although not from the Toronto Star) is Million Dollar Journey's Paying Off Debt: Lowest Balance or Highest Interest First? where the consensus is that it is better to pay off debt in the way that motivates the individual the most. I couldn't agree more.

All articles are great reads, so take a look!

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